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Gabriela Matute

Executive Director

Gabriela oversees the planning, execution, promotion, evaluation, and further improvement of GHCA’. She works closely with the board of directors to attain the organizational goals and bring GHCA's services to the community helping build a more inclusive and professional industry. Gabriela brings to the GHCA her extensive experience as a journalist focused on the hispanic community.




Rafael Villegas

Director of Organizational Growth

Rafael promotes the Association's efforts across all stakeholders, serving as the Director of Organizational Growth and overseeing the membership and programs and events departments. Rafael provides leadership and works hand-in-hand with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to ensure GHCA's vision and mission are accomplished and fulfilled. Rafael has been instrumental in establishing socio-economic development organizations to support the Hispanic community in Southeastern U.S. He is a founding member of the National Hispanic Construction Association in Washington, D.C.



Erika Loaiza

Membership & Engagement Coordinator

As a seasoned professional in the construction industry with over 25 years of experience, Erika brings a diverse skill set and extensive education to the table. With a degree in Architecture, a Master of Arts in Interior Design, and two decades driving sales results, Is uniquely positioned to leverage strategic approaches to elevate the member experience within our association. Drawing on this background, she aims to implement tailored strategies that foster a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and networking. By empowering members to maximize their potential, increase revenue, and make a lasting impact in our state’s construction industry, to collectively drive positive change and growth.



Michael Castillo

Member Relations Support

Michael serves as our dedicated Member Relations Support Specialist at the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association. Drawing from extensive experience in customer service, onboarding procedures, and technical support, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring our members' seamless integration into the association.

His expertise lies in the development of streamlined onboarding processes, ensuring that every new member experiences a warm welcome and is equipped with the necessary information to thrive within our community. Additionally, Michael's background as an Executive Assistant allows him to provide invaluable support to our executives, enhancing their daily activities with his organizational skills and proactive approach.


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