Membership categories

All member categories provide access to GHCA services which include: education programs and training, the business development center and consulting services, private and government relationships and advocacy.

GHCA members are included in the online membership directory, receive access to  bid opportunities, and are invited to participate in leadership development programs including committees, the ambassador program and enjoy networking opportunities throughout the year.

Other partnership opportunities are available for those seeking greater participation and access to our members.

There are six categories of members; find out which one is the best fit for you.


This category is open to individuals, not representing the interest of any company, who are looking to take advantage of the membership benefits and services from an individual perspective, and enroll in GHCA to access educational programs to improve professional and administrative skills.  Professional service representation does not apply for this category.

General Contractor

This category is open to construction companies licensed as General Contractors and that in the majority of projects act as a Prime Contractor.  Members in this category enjoy networking and business opportunities,  member to member discounts, access to sub-contractors, education and advocacy.

Trade or Specialty Contractor

Open to trade or specialty contractors, this category allows members access to networking opportunities, an increased presence amongst peers, opportunities to present offers to membership and access to business and skill development programs.

Industry Professional

Created for professional service providers including accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers, among others looking to network with potential clients in construction in order to create business opportunities within the industry.

Corporate/Government Membership

This category is open large scale organizations and government entities interested in becoming stewards of diversity and inclusion within the construction industry.  Through membership and sponsorships they assist in advancing skill development, business acumen and over all safety programs for our members.

Student Membership

Open to students enrolled in college or trade schools with a concentration in construction related programs.  Student members have access to internship opportunities, our apprenticeship program, and the ability to participate in all member related activities.